Hello, I’m Jane Thurnell-Read – author, speaker and business woman. I worked for many years as a practitioner and teacher of complementary therapies. In my twenties I lived on toast and marmalade, lots of coffee, half a bottle of whisky and 40 cigarettes a day. A friend told me that I was slowly killing myself. As I tried to get my life in order, I ended up on an addictive cocktail of anti-depressants and tranquillisers. Slowly I got my life together. Now at 71 I am happy, fit and well. I believe passionately that this can be your future too.

Feeling stressed? Feeling old? Feeling hopeless? let me help you find new ways of being that bring you joy and freedom, that don’t cost the earth or force you to be something you’re not. I want to show you the tips and strategies that have worked for me – simple ideas that you can apply no matter how busy or stressed your life is.

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