About Me

Jane Thurnell-Read

I was born in late 1947 in Cleethorpes in the UK, so I’m now in my seventies. Most people are surprised at my age when they meet me. I’m still very active, running my own business, Life-Work Potential Limited, and speaking at various events.

I like to describe myself as an holistic entrepreneur and inspirational speaker. Many people say, completely unprompted, that they find me inspirational – men, women, people of all ages, people in all sorts of jobs and with all sorts of life styles.

I enjoy weight training and politics. I was a vegetarian for over 40 years, and have been vegan since May 2015.

I love writing and finding interesting information to put on this website. For over 20 years I was a complementary therapist. I also taught kinesiology in the UK and in Russia, USA, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland.

I’m passionately interested in health and well-being. I have written ten books and appeared on television and radio. I have also spoken at conferences in the UK and in Australia and India.

I am also  a distributor for the high-quality Simply Naturals products. I became a distributor after I experienced the dramatic effect it had on my hearing after taking the plant-based minerals for a while.

I believe that good health and happiness can be achieved with often simple steps and fresh insights. I want to inspire you to take control of your own health and well-being as much as possible. This website is aimed at helping you become as fit and healthy and happy as is possible.

I also believe that it is important to be pro-active in the world. As part of this I give 50% of my income to a range of charities and campaigning organisations each year. These include

  • Give Directly
  • Global Witness
  • Sightsavers
  • SolarAid
  • Veganuary
  • Village Water
  • Viva!
  • Transparency International

What Other People Say About Me:

“Most out of the box thinker I’ve ever met – fascinating!”

“Inspirational zest for life.”

“Very refreshing and interesting to hear/see a different approach to life – made me think a lot ..”

Extracts From my CV:

  • Guest on Livetime (Granada TV Channel) in September 1998 discussing stress and again in early 1999 discussing Kinesiology
  • One of the three experts in an edition of “Housebusters” (UK Channel 5 television series on problems with houses) January 1998
  • Featured In:

Women’s Health April 2003

Daily Express   April 15th 1997, and April 17th 2000

Fitness First Winter 1999-2000

The Guardian April 22nd 1997

Bath Chronicle Sept 23rd 1997

Daily Mail November 12th 1994

  • Contributor to several books on Kinesiology
  • Founder contributor to Knowlative
  • Trustee for the charity Veganuary April 2019 onwards

Conferences, Etc.:

  • Speaker to employees of Citibank N.A London Branch on “A New Approach To Stress”, April 4th 2019
  • Speaker on “Healthy Ageing” at the 20 Jahre Meridianum Conference, Schenkenzell, Germany, June 2018
  • Speaker at the online Chronic Lyme Disease Summit, May 2018
  • Speaker at Exeter Women In Business on “How To Love Money & Earn More”, October 2017
  • Speaker at World Of Quantum Energy Medicine Conference in Bangalore, India, 2016
  • Speaker at the Australian Kinesiology Association annual conference, October 2013
  • Speaker at the British Society of Dowsers conference, 2009
  • Guest Speaker on “Electromagnetic and Geopathic Stress in the Working Environment” at a one day conference for engineers on Indoor Air Quality June 1993

Published Articles:

  • Can Allergies Make You Fat? published in The Independent May 17 2005
  • Allergies “First Peace” February 2000
  • The Importance of Scars “South West Connection”, Aug/Nov 1999
  • Latex Glove Allergy “The Dentist” June 1999
  • The Potential of Health Kinesiology “South West Connection” April/July 1998
  • Health Kinesiology “Caduceus” Issue 39, 1998
  • Convincing Sceptics of The Efficacy of Complementary Medicine “Positive Health” March 1998
  • Geopathic Stress “International Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine” April 1994
  • Aromatherapy: Heaven Scent? “Building Services” [special edition of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineer’s Journal on Building Related Sickness], March 1993

Author of:

‘Allergy A to Z’

‘Health Kinesiology’

‘Energy Mismatch’ – specialist book for kinesiologists

‘Verbal Questioning Skills For Kinesiologists’  – specialist book for kinesiologists

‘Geopathic Stress & Subtle Energy’


‘Nutritional Testing for Kinesiologists & Dowsers’ – specialist book for kinesiologists


Health Kinesiology in the UK, Germany, USA, Belgium, Switzerland and Turkey.

Teacher of a three day course on Geopathic Stress to engineers and interior designers in 1993

Personal Achievements:

Cycling from St Petersburg to Istanbul (2000+ miles) as part of an organised group in 2012

Cycling from John O’Groats to Lands End (approx 800 miles)  alone and without backup in 2011

Cycling up Alpe d’Huez (21 hairpin bends over 13.8 km, with an average gradient of 7.9%)

Cycling across the USA – Seattle to Gloucester (4200 miles) in 2004

Completing the London Marathon in 2001