About Me

Jane Thurnell-Read

I was born in late 1947 in Cleethorpes in the UK, so I’m now in my seventies. Most people are surprised at my age when they meet me. I owned Life-Work Potential Limited for many years, but in 2020 I sold the business to Ergopathics Canada.

I also enjoy public speaking.  Many people say, completely unprompted, that they find me inspirational – men, women, people of all ages, people in all sorts of jobs and with all sorts of life styles.

I enjoy weight training and politics. I was a vegetarian for over 40 years, and have been vegan since May 2015. I  have been a trustee of Veganuary since 2019.

I love writing and finding interesting information to put on this blog. For over 20 years I was a complementary therapist. I also taught kinesiology in the UK and in Russia, USA, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland.

I’m passionately interested in health and well-being. I have written ten books and appeared on television and radio. I have also spoken at conferences in the UK,  and in Russia, Australia and India.

I believe that good health and happiness can be achieved with often simple steps and fresh insights. I want to inspire you to take control of your own health and well-being as much as possible. This website is aimed at helping you become as fit and healthy and happy as is possible.

I also believe that it is important to be pro-active in the world. As part of this I give 25% of my income to a range of charities and campaigning organisations each year. These include

I also volunteer in my local Oxfam shops – the general one and the bookshop – both in South Street, Exeter, UK.

I was a trustee for the charity Village Water from 2009 to 2016.

What Other People Say About Me:

“Most out of the box thinker I’ve ever met – fascinating!”

“Inspirational zest for life.”

“Very refreshing and interesting to hear/see a different approach to life – made me think a lot ..”


  • A contributor to Thrive Global (from January 2020)
  • A contributor to www.sixtyandme.com (from December 2019 to September 2021)
  • Podcast interview with the Silver Edge Over 50 Health and Wellness Podcast – episode 24 (September 2020)
  • Podcast interview with the Goode Life UK (September 2020)
  • Feature article about me in the magazine “Simply You” (April 2020)
  • A contributor to Food Matters
  • contributor to Elephant Journal
  • Podcast interview with Lisa Betts Lacroix for Super Power U Podcast. (March 2020)
  • A gym video compilation featured in a Veganuary Instagram post.
  • An online article on my gym activities and vegan beliefs appeared in several online websites (November 2019)
  • Featured in a Facebook post by Powerofpositivity – a compilation of my videos and images from my Instagram feed (@thrivingjane). It has had over 191,000 views.
  • Podcast interview with Janey Lee Grace for the Alcohol Free Life series September 2019
  • Podcast interview by the CEO of WiSP Sports on my fitness and food journeys. September 2019
  • Featured in a MillionDollarVegan Instagram and Facebook post, August 2019


    • Owner of Life-Work Potential (from 19990’s to August 2020), when the business was sold to Ergopathics Canada.
    • Speaker to employees of Citibank N.A London Branch on “A New Approach To Stress”, April 4th 2019
    • Speaker on “Healthy Ageing” at the 20 Jahre Meridianum Conference, Schenkenzell, Germany, June 2018
    • Speaker at Exeter Women In Business on “How To Love Money & Earn More”, October 2017


    Personal Achievements:

    Jane after lifting 70 kgs for one rep

    • Lifting 70 kg (154 lb) barbell for one rep max deadlift November 2020.
    • Cycling from St Petersburg to Istanbul (2000+ miles) as part of an organised group in 2012
    • Cycling from John O’Groats to Lands End (approx 800 miles)  alone and without backup in 2011
    • Cycling up Alpe d’Huez (21 hairpin bends over 13.8 km, with an average gradient of 7.9%)
    • Cycling across the USA – Seattle to Gloucester (4200 miles) in 2004
    • Completing the London Marathon in 2001


    Published Professional Articles:

    • Can Allergies Make You Fat? published in The Independent May 17 2005
    • Allergies “First Peace” February 2000
    • The Importance of Scars “South West Connection”, Aug/Nov 1999
    • Latex Glove Allergy “The Dentist” June 1999
    • The Potential of Health Kinesiology “South West Connection” April/July 1998
    • Health Kinesiology “Caduceus” Issue 39, 1998
    • Convincing Sceptics of The Efficacy of Complementary Medicine “Positive Health” March 1998
    • Geopathic Stress “International Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine” April 1994
    • Aromatherapy: Heaven Scent? “Building Services” [special edition of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineer’s Journal on Building Related Sickness], March 1993


    Extracts From my professional CV:

    • Speaker at the International Association of Specialized Kinesiologists (IASK) in Moscow, Russia, speaking on “The Energy Mismatch Protocol”, July 2019
    • Speaker at the online Chronic Lyme Disease Summit, May 2018
    • Speaker at World Of Quantum Energy Medicine Conference in Bangalore, India, 2016
    • Speaker at the Australian Kinesiology Association annual conference, October 2013
    • Speaker at the British Society of Dowsers conference, 2009
    • Guest Speaker on “Electromagnetic and Geopathic Stress in the Working Environment” at a one day conference for engineers on Indoor Air Quality June 1993
    • Guest on Livetime (Granada TV Channel) in September 1998 discussing stress and again in early 1999 discussing Kinesiology
    • One of the three experts in an edition of “Housebusters” (UK Channel 5 television series on problems with houses) January 1998
    • Featured In:
      • Women’s Health April 2003
      • Daily Express   April 15th 1997, and April 17th 2000
      • Fitness First Winter 1999-2000
      • The Guardian April 22nd 1997
      • Bath Chronicle Sept 23rd 1997
      • Daily Mail November 12th 1994
    • Contributor to several books on Kinesiology
    • Founder contributor to Knowlative


    Author of:

    • ‘Allergy A to Z’
    • ‘Health Kinesiology’
    • ‘Energy Mismatch’ – specialist book for kinesiologists
    • ‘Verbal Questioning Skills For Kinesiologists’  – specialist book for kinesiologists
    • ‘Geopathic Stress & Subtle Energy’
    • ‘Kinesiology’
    • ‘Nutritional Testing for Kinesiologists & Dowsers’ – specialist book for kinesiologists



    Health Kinesiology in the UK, Germany, USA, Belgium, Switzerland and Turkey.

    Teacher of a three day course on Geopathic Stress to engineers and interior designers in 1993.