Addicted To TV or computer games?

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children cheering and pointing at computer screen

A simple but rather strange self-help technique from Health Kinesiology can be used safely by anyone. It usually helps adults and children who are “addicted” to television or computer games, people who are susceptible to static electric shocks and those who develop headaches, etc. if they use computers or game consuls. It’s also a great help for people who are sensitive to electro-magnetic pollution (electro-sensitivity). It sounds bizarre, but give it a go – it really works.

An electric hair drier is used to degausse [demagnetise] the body. The hair drier is switched on and then the side of the motor is run over the whole of the body.

This needs to be done on average once a week, or even more frequently for anyone who is particularly sensitive electrically.

The whole procedure takes less than 5 minutes.

You can see a video of how to do it here.

Some people are anxious about using a hair drier because they have been told that they should reduce their exposure to electrical equipment as much as possible. However, here the alternating motor of the hair drier against the body is being used to demagnetise the body and so make it less susceptible to electro-magnetic pollution. This is not the way in which people normally use a hair drier!