Author: Jane

woman squatting by dishwasher

What to do when you hate to exercise?

What to do when you hate to exercise? Exercise snacking is fun. Here are some suggestions of things you could do. It’s best if you can attach them to some other active that you always do during the day. That way you are much more likely to remember to do them.

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vegan salad

How to make the best vegan salad

I regularly post salad pics on Instagram, and people often comment how tasty and interesting they look. So here’s how to make great vegan salads without a lot of effort and planning. A vegan salad recipe for the disorganised.

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immune cells and infection

6 effective ways to support and strengthen your immune system

Right now our immune systems seem to be under threat, as never before. One thing is clear that we need a strong immune system to deal with the pandemic. You will find lots of suggestions on the web about how to do this, but here are six that are based on solid scientific evidence. Some of them may need to be adapted at this time to take into account the movement restrictions.

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word perfect

How do you counteract perfectionism?

I’m not fond of perfection. If we aim for that, we are likely to end up dissatisfied. If we are dissatisfied, it’s easy to let things slip further until we are back where we were. I try to live what I call a 90-95% life, a life that is good enough.

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