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How can I impress myself?

Do you ever impress yourself? This may seem a strange question. Most of us are busy thinking about how we can impress other people. But isn’t it more important to impress ourselves? After all we live with ourselves all the time, so we are definitely the number one person we need to impress.

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The importance of curiosity

I really think that curiosity is one of the most under-estimated beneficial mind sets. Cultivating curiosity is a way to enjoy your life more and do your bit in creating a better world for us all. It has benefits for you personally and for those you know and even for the rest of the world.

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How do you counteract perfectionism?

I’m not fond of perfection. If we aim for that, we are likely to end up dissatisfied. If we are dissatisfied, it’s easy to let things slip further until we are back where we were. I try to live what I call a 90-95% life, a life that is good enough.

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How can I improve myself to be a better person?

When you keep thinking about how badly you’ve behaved, you can feel miserable and defeated. You can feel so overwhelmed you give up in despair.
You may decide to love yourself just as you are. But that’s probably the hardest task of all! How do you break this vicious cycle and become a better person?

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How do you make real friends?

Friends are important. They can help us to cope with the difficulties of life and help us celebrate our success. They can be a shoulder to cry on, a sympathetic ear to listen to our moans about the unfairness of life, and someone who gives us a hug and a big smile when we succeed. They can do more than this – friends can help us lead long and happy lives.

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Can we change who we are?

How do I change who I am as a person? I’ve found myself wondering this from time to time. Sometimes I’ve felt it is possible for me to change, but often I’ve felt that I can’t change, that my personality is stuck. So I decided to have a good look at this idea. How do I change myself as a person?

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