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Can dementia be prevented?

Are you afraid of getting dementia?  Someone in the world is diagnosed with dementia every 3 seconds. The U.S. National Institute on Aging estimates people over the age of 65 will make up 16% of the world’s population by 2050. This is up from 8% in 2010. Recent polls suggest that dementia has become the most feared health condition among people over the age of 50. It’s even more than they fear heart disease, cancer and stroke. The implication of what you read and hear is often that dementia just happens to some unfortunate people. This is true, but the vast majority of people can take positive action to reduce their chances of suffering from dementia. Dementia is not an inevitable result of old age.  In fact researchers from the University of Southern California have concluded that managing lifestyle factors such as hearing loss, smoking, hypertension and depression could prevent one-third of the world’s dementia cases. By increasing education in early life and addressing hearing loss, hypertension and obesity in midlife, the incidence of dementia …

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Is the floor a foreign country?

When you’re a child, you belong on the floor! As you get into your twenties, the floor is where you are sometimes – no big deal. As you get older, the floor becomes a foreign place that you never visit. It’s just too complicated to get to it, too difficult to work out how to get down there. It doesn’t matter, because life is interesting up here in a comfy chair, watching television. You may think that doesn’t matter. You don’t need to sit on the floor. Chairs and sofas are the place to be. You can stretch out and read a book, flick through your phone or watch a movie, hold a conversation, eat a meal – all while sitting in a comfortable chair. You don’t need to sit on the floor. But if you can, it indicates that you have good control of your physical body, that you can easily shift your weight without falling and that you can co-ordinate the different parts of your body. Sitting on the floor or standing up …

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What exercises should seniors do?

As people get older, they tend to get less active. If you’ve had a fall or an operation, you may be unsure what to do. You may not want to go to the gym or join a class or go running. Here’s a way of getting some level of fitness safely and without stress.

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What to do when you hate to exercise?

What to do when you hate to exercise? Exercise snacking is fun. Here are some suggestions of things you could do. It’s best if you can attach them to some other active that you always do during the day. That way you are much more likely to remember to do them.

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Every time I see you, you’re taller

A friend, who I hadn’t seen for a few weeks, greeted me with these words: “Every time I see you, you’re taller.“ You maybe expect to be told that when your 7 or 17, but I’m in my seventies. I couldn’t help feeling smug. I decided to do some research to understand why I wasn’t shrinking like all the other seniors I know. Here’s what I found. Is it normal to lose height as you get older? Most authorities agree it is normal. According to UAMS Health: “Men can gradually lose an inch (2.5 cm) between the ages of 30 to 70, and women can lose about two inches (5 cm). After the age of 80, it’s possible for both men and women to lose another inch (2.5 cm).” The Cleveland Clinic also says it’s normal to lose height as you get older: “Losing a little height as you get older is normal. Over the years, the discs between your spine’s vertebrae flatten, your muscles start to lose mass and the spaces between your joints …

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