How to be confident taking your driving test


Passing your driving test takes more than good driving technique and knowledge of theory, you have to be confident. But if you hate exams and feel sick when you think about the test how can you succeed and pass your driving test?

Here are some driving test tips to help you do just that – feel confident and well prepared, so that you can show your driving skills to the full and pass your driving test with flying colours.

There are several things you can do if you feel stressed at the very thought of taking your driving test. Holding your frontal eminences, a bizarre idea, but it really works. You hold the bumps on your forehead while you think about the test. You might need to break it down into various steps. Here are some suggestions

  •     Thinking about getting into the car with the driving test examiner.
  •     Thinking about the driving manoeuvre(s) you find most difficult.
  •     Thinking about sweating and shaking uncontrollably.
  •     Thinking about your mind going blank in the middle of a manoeuvre.
  •     Thinking about getting involved in an accident and/or traffic jam.
  •     Thinking about taking the theory test.

If you know what spooks you about the test, think about that and hold the bumps on your forehead. You can find more information about this wonderful stress relief technique here.

Many people swear by flower remedies (e.g. Emergency Bush Flower Remedy) for all sorts of stress including exams. The remedy is made from flowers and is preserved in brandy. In the few days (or even weeks) before your driving test, put 4 drops in a glass of water and sip it through the day. Make up another lot when you’ve finished that glass. It’s not addictive, and may people find it a great help for stress. It works for animals too (not that they take driving tests!)

Another possibility is to try hypnotherapy. Many hypnotherapists have great success in helping people with this sort of stress. If you don’t want to visit a therapist, you could try a self-hypnosis driving test CD.

Whatever you do, look for safe, effective remedies to support you at this stressful time and help you pass your driving test.

I wish you safe and successful driving.