Fit and happy old age

old people with back ache

Someone recently messages me via Instagram and said:

i would like to know more about the hassles that most of people at your age have to stay fit Maam.. and what’s the  tricks n tips to at least to be like you.

(I post gym videos, vegan food and health tips on Instagram.)

Here is my answer:

A lot of it is about attitude not believing that you have to get weaker. Sadly much of what we see and hear is about how bad things get as you get older. You get all these ailments. Your body starts to disintegrate. Your mind starts to lose its grip on life. You’re afraid of falling, so you are reluctant to go anywhere.

Your attitude should be that these things don’t have to happen to me. I can make a choice.

Part of that choice is about choosing to eat well. The evidence shows conclusively that we can avoid many of the pitfalls of old age if we eat a plant-based diet. Check out Dr Greger’s healthkit – it’s packed with great information about avoiding chronic diseases that can reduce the quality of your life.

Also not believing that you will be lonely as you get older. That no-one will notice you, that older people are invisible. That people find you boring.  That young people will mock you.

These don’t have to be true, but don’t expect younger people to be interested in you if all you want to talk about are your ailments and your grandchildren.

Your attitude should be that my life can get even more interesting and exciting.

Most people have more time they can spend on themselves. If you’ve got more time, you can read more or learn a new skill. Then you will have things to talk about to people of all ages.

You can spend more time exercising. Keeping your body fit and strong through strength training and other exercise.

You can dedicate your life to a cause you care passionately about. Brigit Bradot sums up the benefits of this perfectly:

I don’t feel old or used up, and I don’t have time to waste thinking about aging, because I live only for my cause.

You have more time to help other people, whatever their age. You can be an important part of your community.

LUCK, of course, plays a part in your health and well-being throughout your life. But CHOICE is important too. You can choose a lot of your life, so choose a happy, fulfilled, energetic old age