Reliable help for children’s anxiety, fear and school problems

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Children’s problems can sometimes seem difficult to solve. We want our kids to be happy and live life to the full, but sometimes their personality or family problems or school problems get in the way. Children get depressed, frightened, angry and cold – just like adults do. Indigo Essences can really help in these situations, offering a gentle, nurturing approach that can make a huge difference to them. They are essences made from crystals by Ann Callaghan and her nephews Ben and Mica, and offer a unique system of help from a kids’s view of the world. They’re safe and non habit forming – adults can take them too.

The essences can help with children’s behavioural problems, emotional problems and problems just being in the world and getting on with life.

Here are some typical problem situations where you might want to use the essences:

We have family problems and my partner and I are splitting up. My child seems angry but when I try to talk to him he says everything is OK.

Indigo essence Chill can help a child who finds it difficult to express or let go of anger. This is a difficult time for you all, so be gentle on yourself and the rest of your family.

My children never go to bed willingly, and then they don’t want to wake up in the morning. We have such arguments. I don’t want to spend my life arguing with my children. I want us to get on well together. These sleep problems are really getting me down.

Try the Indigo essence Sleep Easy – as well as giving it to your child to take, you can spray it round the room or put the bottle under the pillow.

My life is a mess and I can’t think straight, and I know my children are upset, but I can’t get it together to help them or myself.

Indigo essence The Works to the rescue. This a great remedy for children when you’re not sure what is wrong with them, or when you just don’t feel able to work it out. By the way it’s good for adults too – sounds like you’d benefit from taking some as well.

My son is always in trouble at school. He finds it difficult to sit still and pay attention for anything more than a few minutes. He’s intelligent and lively, but is seen as a problem child by the school and the teachers. Any suggestions?

How about trying Indigo essence Settle – it’s great for concentration and for children who can’t sit still.


My daughter hates school and keeps complaining of stomach aches. I suspect she’s being bullied, but I’m not sure. What shall I do?

It’s important to discuss this with your daughter’s teachers and see what is going on. If she is being bullied, this needs to be addressed by the school. But you can also do something directly for her. Try giving your daughter the Indigo essence Champion too. That should help her have the courage to face the bullies and be her own self.

Exam time again, and we’re all fraught. Can you suggest what might help?

Indigo essence Confidence could be just the ticket. It helps keep your children calm down, and have confidence and belief in themselves. Think about taking some yourself – they may be picking up on your panic about doing well.

When I was young, I was really happy and carefree. We had great times, but my children seem really stressed out. There’s so much pressure on them to succeed. I really feel they are missing out on their childhood. What can I do?

Anxiety in children makes us adults feel really sad. It’s important for your children to know that you love them even if they don’t succeed. Often we reinforce the stress by saying things like: “It doesn’t matter if you’re not top, as long as you try your best.” Sometimes it’s OK just to do OK – that applies to us and them. Let your children see you fail and make mistakes – watching you deal with problems gives them vital life skills. Also try giving them the Indigo essence Plurk. This helps children slow down and have fun. (Good for some adults too!) Or may be they need the essence No Fear – check them both out – you know your child, and if your child is old enough you can ask them which they think is right for them.

My child is depressed. I always thought depression was an adult thing, buy my son seems really depressed. How can I help him?

Yes, we want our children to be happy and carefree, but they do get sad and even depressed sometimes. I suggest you get your child checked out by the doctor to make sure nothing is wrong medically. Talking, of course, is important – you need to give your child a safe place to express his concerns. Also try the Indigo Essence Happy. That could well help a lot.

Do try the Indigo Essences – for your children’s sakes.

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