Geopathic stress addiction

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Geopathic stress (GS) occurs when the earth’s energy field is disturbed. People who live or work above such a disturbance are likely to have difficulty getting well or staying well. They may have tried all sorts of different treatments, but their symptoms stubbornly refuse to go away. Often these people sleep badly and always feel tired. They are frequently labelled as hypochondriacs even though they know their symptoms are real. (See my book on Geopathic Stress for more information on this.)

For a small minority not only are they suffering from geopathic stress, but they also appear to be addicted to geopathic stress, or at least to a certain level of GS. Often their favourite chair will be over the worst point in the house. If they move to a new house, they may choose one with virtually identical problems. With these people their symptoms have not got worse or suddenly appeared since moving to their present home; they were also exposed to the same factors before, and, in all probability, their health has continually declined.

I was working with an engineer once and took him into an area where the geopathic stress was very high. Much to my amazement, he thought it was wonderful: “so calming and peaceful”!  Then I realised that he was always very stressed and agitated, so being in an area of high GS had a calming effect on him. Of course, if he’d lived in the area, he would with time start to feel not calm but tired and perhaps somewhat depressed.

When the geopathic stress is corrected these people may exhibit a temporary worsening of their symptoms or even different symptoms. This usually only lasts for a few days. This is like what happens when someone gives up cigarettes – the person feels worse before they feel better.

At first sight this seems a peculiar phenomenon that we should ‘like’ things that are bad for us. However, you only have to think about cigarette smoking and drug abuse to know that this can occur. There are physiological reasons for this. Endorphins are the body’s painkillers; our natural, biological equivalent to morphine. Geopathic stress may increase the body’s production of endorphins. Unfortunately, endorphins are addictive if produced over a long enough period of time. Just such a situation may exist when an individual works or lives in an area of high geopathic stress. So, if the situation is corrected, and endorphin production is reduced suddenly, the person may exhibit symptoms of feeling worse. They are going through a process equivalent to that of drug withdrawal.

Rolf Gordon of the UK Dulwich Health Society offers a different explanation of why some people feel worse when the geopathic problem is first corrected. He believes that toxins are being released from the body, and that this usually disappears within the first week.

None of these is a good reason for not fixing GS problems, because in the long run the person is likely to feel much worse if it is not fixed.

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