What is geopathic stress and how do I fix it

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Geopathic comes from two Greek words: geo means ‘of the earth’, and pathos means ‘suffering’ or ‘disease’. The word ‘geopathic’ literally means suffering or disease of the earth. Geopathic stress (GS) is the general term for energies emanating from the earth that cause discomfort and ill health in human beings. Because of their detrimental effect, they are often known as negative earth energies.

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Effects Of Geopathic Stress:

There are many different types of geopathic energies with some people being more susceptible than others. Sleeping, living or working constantly in a geopathically stressed area can lead to emotional and physical problems and difficulties, which exact a heavy toll on both the sufferers and their families. Cancers, miscarriages, chronic ill health and personality changes have all been linked to geopathic stress.

Unfortunately, because most people do not know about geopathic stress (also known as geobiology), they do not realise what is happening. They do not know that it is possible to make changes that can neutralise the effect of these negative earth energies and allow people to avoid serious ill-health, or re-gain previous good health and well-being.

If exposure to geopathic energies is short-lived, the effects are usually insignificant, although some people will show symptoms of tiredness, inattention and headaches when sitting in a particular geopathically stressed area for even one or two hours. Inattentiveness in long meetings is not necessarily a sign of boredom. An engineer once challenged me to assess a lecture theatre for geopathic energies and then predict who would experience headaches or lethargy during an afternoon lecture by him. During his lecture he asked people to raise their hand if they had a headache or felt unwell in some way. Many of the people who did were sitting in the seats I had designated. My engineering friend was very impressed by the result.

Any effect from short-term exposure such as this is likely to be transitory. The body quickly recovers and returns to its normal state. Problems only occur when people spend a long time in places where the earth’s energy is disturbed, perhaps when an individual’s house or work place (or sometimes even both) is in an area of high geopathic stress.

Another complicating factor is that sometimes people seem to be addicted to geopathic stress.

Geopathic Stress: Electromagnetic Or Subtle Energy?

In a sense the definition of geopathic stress as negative earth energies fudges an important issue – are these energies electromagnetic in nature or something altogether different, perhaps some phenomenon not yet recognised by conventional science?

Geopathic stress is often described as though it is always electromagnetic, involving the earth’s magnetic field or electromagnetic radiation. It may possibly be vibrating at a level beyond the electromagnetic spectrum currently detected and recognised by conventional science and technology. If geopathic energies are part of the electromagnetic spectrum this makes them potentially measurable by scientific equipment. It is simply necessary to develop equipment that is sensitive enough to that part of the spectrum.

Some GS practitioners prefer to view the energies as part of subtle energy. If this is true, the energies are unlikely to be measurable by scientific instruments – even more sensitive ones than are currently available. If these energies are not part of the electromagnetic spectrum, different methods of detection are required.

To complicate matters further some practitioners seem initially to define geopathic stress as an electromagnetic phenomenon, but in their subsequent work they approach it as though it is a subtle energy phenomenon.

This is all very confusing, and may be why some practitioners do not seem to address this question at all. They are happy with a general definition and then focus on the effects on people, buildings, plants and animals, and the necessary remedial work.

Assessing Geopathic Stress:

There are three main methods that practitioners use to assess a property for geopathic stress. Some people can dowse (using rods or pendulums). Others use kinesiology (or muscle testing as it is often known) to track these energies. Some individuals can ‘see’ or ‘sense’ these energies.

Although those who sense energies usually need to go to the property, both dowsers and kinesiologists may prefer to look at a map or plan of a property rather than visit the property itself. Some practitioners like, where possible, to do both.

Fixing Geopathic Stress:

There are broadly five different approaches to fixing disturbed energies:

  1. Using artefacts (e.g. rods, stones, etc.)
  2. Using proprietary devices
  3. Using maps
  4. Using rituals and ceremonies
  5. Using the power of the practitioner’s mind and intent

Some practitioners use a mixture of these, but many will use one particular type of intervention.

GS And The Sceptics

It is clear to me that if you asked ten different GS practitioners to assess the same property, you would be likely to get ten different analyses and ten different solutions. Surely this suggests that this is just a mental construct with no validity? Maybe to the cynic it also suggests that these people are charlatans, robbing the gullible of their money and spreading unfounded alarm.

Yet if the case studies I write about in my book on Geopathic Stress & Subtle Energy (ISBN: 9780954243944) are reviewed dispassionately, this conclusion is not so easily reached. I have been involved in predictive studies on several occasions, and have always accurately predicted where sick people would be. In my GS book I also write about the effect of geopathic stress on plants and animals, and a study by Ann and Roy Procter allows for the placebo effect and still produces significant results.

It is clear to me and to may other people who look into this subject that there is something going on, even if we don’t fully understand what that is.