What time do you switch off your alarm clock?


When I set an alarm clock I don’t set it for 7.00 a.m., for example, I set it for 6.58 a.m. or 7.01 a.m.

This is so that I always remember something that is very important. It reminds me that we always have a choice in everything we do. It’s easy to think that there are a lot of situations where we don’t have a choice, but this is almost never true. The choices may not be pleasant, but nevertheless they are there. It’s easy to operate out of habit, cutting off without thinking all the other possibilities that could enhance our lives.

Are there areas of your life where you think you have no choice? Look at them again. See if any of the options would work better for you. Are there things you do out of habit that might be better changed?

Setting my alarm also reminds me that it’s easy to do things through habit rather than conscious choice. Of course, if we didn’t have any habits, life would become very complex habits can help smooth our path, taking away the stress of having to make decisions about everything.

Nevertheless it’s good every so often to look at your habits and check that they are serving you, rather than you being a slave to them.

Setting my alarm also reminds me that it is easy for me (and some of you?) to get into opposing things for the sake of opposing and being different, so sometimes I do set my alarm for 7.00 a.m., knowing that that’s OK too.