Why is it important to be grateful?

Happiness, Lifestyle
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One of the key factors in feeling happy is being able to experience gratitude. Feeling grateful on a regular basis has been shown to have a direct impact on how happy and satisfied people feel, regardless of what their life circumstances actually are.

It’s easy to concentrate on the things that are wrong in our lives, and to ignore all the good things. Here’s a simple strategy to help you to focus on those good things and feel happier.

Before you get out of bed in the morning think of five things that you are grateful for. I usually do this in a very formal way by saying each thing out loud and prefacing it with I am grateful for, so, for example, I might say: I am grateful for the new day. I am grateful for the sunshine we had yesterday. I am grateful for all the people who love me. I am grateful for being able to see. I am grateful for those lovely raspberries I had last week.

Some days it’s easy to do, and some days its very difficult. Its probably most important to do it when you don’t feel like doing it.

It can have an extraordinary effect on your life if you do it regularly try it and see. Take the time to experience more gratitude in your life, and you’ll have more to feel grateful about.