The best home gym workouts that will fit smoothly into your life

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Many people want to work out from home. Some people succeed in working out from home. If you’re one of the people who find it difficult, let me introduce you to HASfit. This will help you fit an exercise routine smoothly  into your life.

Don’t have the money? These are free. Don’t have the time? Some of them only take 5 minutes? Get bored easily? There’s so much variety, you’ll be fine. Whatever your level, there is a routine for you.

HASfit offers a huge selection of home workouts. There are workouts you can do if you have no equipment, so great for if you’re in a hotel without a gym or when visiting relatives. There are routines using dumb bells (or water bottles), and a whole set of workouts if you have kettle bells. Is HASfit any good? Definitely yes. Let me explain.

Coach Joshua Kozak and his wife Claudia are behind these workouts. This is how they describe them:

“Free, full length workout videos for all fitness levels. HASfit stands for Heart And Soul fitness because we believe everyone deserves to be fit. That’s why over the past 7 years we’ve given away over 100 million free workouts! We invite you to try a workout with us and see why we’ve been named a Top 10 YouTube Channel for 4 years straight!” via HASfit Home – HASfit – Free Full Length Workout Videos and …

I think a lot of their success is down to them and their personalities. They feel like ordinary people who care about everyone doing their best and becoming as fit as possible. It feels like they don’t care if you are super-fit already, someone starting out or a senior looking for help with stiffness and pain. HASfit stands for heart and soul fitness. You definitely feel like they are bringing their hearts and souls to what they do. They are definitely not just interested in making money.

The HASfit website has lots of favourable reviews on their Facebook page. People clearly feel like I do about HASfit. Here are some typical reviews:

“Thank you for being calm and not overly hyper/screaming/too peppy. You’re a couple of calm, chill, keeping it real, instructors. I’d find you extremely approachable if we ever ran into each other in person. I appreciate the free workouts! Thank you!”

“Great work outs .. compact and thorough, I love that it is a calm work out .. no screeching or shouting just encouraging, only work out videos I have been able to stick with.”

“They really care and feel strongly about their mission to provide free workouts and meal plans and advice to help others be healthy and live their best life. And goodness do they ever deliver in an approachable and incredibly consistent and down to Earth way. The results are real. Thanks Coach Kozak and Claudia!”

Coach Kozak and Claudia are not impossibly glamorous. Their gym is quite plain, so you don’t start feeling intimated as soon as you click on the first video. They don’t shout or over-encourage you. You are reminded frequently that if you need to use lower weights that’s just fine. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, and it doesn’t indicate that you are slacking or weak-willed.

A review on their Facebook page says:

“Excellent workout options for beginners to advanced. You’re able to find what works for you and go for it. Coach Kozak and Claudia are awesome, and don’t talk down to you in their videos, but instead motivate and encourage you to keep at it and get in shape. Thanks for the videos, they are amazing.”

Claudia and Coach Kozak are in most videos. It’s great to have Claudia there, because she demonstrates the modified version of  the exercise. This could mean using lower weights, or being on her knees rather than her toes for push ups. She might sit on a chair while Coach does the same exercise standing or sitting on the floor.

So much choice and variety

There is a huge amount of choice and variety. They have over twenty 5-minute exercise workouts. What was that excuse about not having enough time? they have 4 exercise levels:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Limited Mobility and Seated

You can exercise a single body part or do a whole body workout. There is just so much choice. That’s the only problem with HASfit!

Low impact cardio workouts

Many people, particularly as they get older, want to do low impact cardio. They don’t want to hammer their joints. HASfit offers a whole range of low impact cardio workout videos. If you’re a beginner, you might want to start with their 15-minute beginner’s low impact workout.

Exercises to improve your posture

HASfit has various workouts to improve your posture. How about the 15 minute Better Posture Workout. The only equipment you will need is a towel or resistance bands.  This workout starts with loosening tight areas that restrict good posture and then moves on to strengthening exercises that improve your posture further.

Exercises for rehabilitation

They also have great exercises for rehabilitation. How about the 8 Minute Neck Stretches for Neck Pain Relief or the 12 Minute Lower Back Pain Stretches or the 15 Minute Neck Exercises for Neck Pain Relief?

One of the reviews on their Facebook page says this:

“I found your 18 min sciatica workout this morning and have done it 3 times today and can’t believe the improvement in such a short time. I have been in constant pain for over a week with sciatica in my lower back and left leg. I literally couldn’t sleep last night for the pain and I’ve not needed painkillers since 10am this morning. Thank you so much – only wish I’d found it a week earlier!”

Chair exercise workouts for those with limited strength and mobility

There’s a whole section of exercises that can be done sitting down. They are for various lengths of time. Start with a 20 minute one. Later on you could move on to longer ones. Some of them involve Coach Cozak standing, while Claudia does the same exercises sitting. You might find after doing these workouts for a while that you can do some of them standing just like Coach Kozak.

An FB reviewer said:

“Brilliant workouts to do from home. I’ve done the seated exercises, I have mobility problems found them fantastic., my husband has done the standing along side me. Amazing to be able to workout together even though we’ve got very different abilities.”

(Age Bold is another online company offering a program for older people or those who’ve fallen or hd major surgery.)

Kickboxing, Yoga and Gym Workouts

Yep, as well as all the other workouts there are workouts that involve kickboxing and yoga. There are also workouts you can do if you have access to proper gym equipment. The variety will totally blow your mind.

More review of HASfit

“Love the workout videos and encouragement. Great variety, clear instruction for safe, effective exercises without injury. Especially love the combo exercises and the ability to choose a workout that suits your goals for the day from cardio to strength and more.”

“Great workouts! I made the decision to be stronger for my family. After having 4 kiddos, I realized how weak I was physically and I filtered into all of my activities, causing little energy to keep up. I found HASFit because it offers entry level workouts, at home and with little equipment needed. The time thing was a huge factor as I don’t have much to myself. These are so perfect for me and their personality if exactly the kind of people that I work well with. Motivating and encouraging. Love HASFit!”

“These are excellent workouts for older people who are just getting started with working out. After doing only 4 of the senior seated workouts, I already see a slight difference in my flexibility & strength! I like that the coach is calm & encouraging. He & his partner make me feel like I CAN be stronger!”

“These are great workouts. Claudia and Coach K are adorable but tough! Lost 16lbs so far and am definitely stronger. Thanks for being so positive too!”

Do take a look at HASfit. I really don’t think you will be disappointed.