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Beauty and wellness go together naturally. True beauty comes shining out from within along with wellness and fitness. Sadly much of the beauty industry doesn’t recognise that, but concentrates instead on contouring, camouflaging and concealing.

Here are some tips to get that dynamic combination of beauty and wellness working for you:

Why are my lips always sore?

Do you use lip balm? Are you allergic to it? When you are allergic to something, you often crave it, so you use it more, But because you’re allergic to it, your lips get more sore and you use more. A miserable vicious cycle. Sore lips can also be a sign of digestive problems. Find a therapist to help you.

Why do I have bags under my eyes?

Bags under your eyes are often a sign that your adrenals are in overload from stress. Try B vitamin complex, vitamin C and Siberian ginseng to help support those adrenals and distress the body naturally.

If I’m wearing sunscreen, can I go out in the sun?

No sunscreen can offer total protection against the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. Don’t think that wearing sunscreen means you can stay in the sun for hours.

My hair is getting thinner. What can I do about it?

Stress, lack of iron and thyroid problems can cause hair loss. Check these out rather than just putting up with it. If you’re a woman whose hair is thinning all over (not in patches), you may benefit from taking iron and the amino acid l-lysine.

Is my makeup safe?

DEA, MEA and TEA are all chemicals commonly used in cosmetics that have been found to cause allergic reactions. Cosmetics often contain artificial colouring. Be particularly careful with lipstick.

What can I do about frown lines?

Frown lines can be a sign that your circulation is not brilliant. This may seem odd but it makes sense in Chinese oriental medicine. Take more exercise to help your circulation. Exercise is a great antidote to stress so if your frown lines are from stress it will help this way too.

Exercise At your computer

Sit on a stability ball while working at the computer. It will help strengthen your core muscles, as many small muscles work to keep you stable.

Look slimmer fast!

One of the quickest ways to look slimmer is to have good posture. Sign up for a pilates class or with an Alexander teacher.

Best way to burn fat

Do some strength training regularly to build definition and burn fat.

Water for your skin

Are you drinking enough water? Dehydrated skin looks older than it should. Check your urine – it should be the colour of pale straw, although some medication and some supplements will affect the colour. If it’s darker, drink more water.

Do you have a nickel allergy?

Nickel allergy is very common. Cheap jewellery and jean studs contain it. If you use a kettle where water is boiled in contact with a metal element you will have small amounts of nickel in your hot drink.


Kissing reduces the allergic response. Did you need another reason?

Why do I have sweaty feet?

Sweaty feet can be a sign that the liver is having to work extra hard. Try taking a herbal supplement that supports the liver.

Be happy now

How much do you have to have before you’ll allow yourself to be happy? Happy women look beautiful.