What to do when your child is being bullied at school

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Bullying is distressing both for your child and for you. If you know your child is being bullied at school, you need to stay calm and work out a strategy to help them. This can feel overwhelmingly difficult, but the Indigo Essences may be able to help your child and you.

Indigo Essences are made in Ireland from the energy of crystals. A rock is placed in water for a period of time, usually 24 hours. The rock is then taken out of the water and the remaining liquid is preserved with an equal quantity of brandy. Sounds bizarre? Yes, my rational mind thinks it is too, but I know that flower essences and combination essences like these can work well to help all sorts of problems.

There are different combination remedies for different problems – for the child who has difficulty sleeping, or is a loner, but there are 4 combinations that are particularly suitable for bullying whether in or out of school:

Champion Indigo Essence

This is the first and most obvious choice because it’s specifically to help a child deal with bullies. It helps children to connect with their inner strength, so that they feel less afraid and are less likely to be picked on.

But there are other essences that can be taken at the same time or instead of Champion:

Invisible Friend Indigo Essence

Many children have an invisible friend when they are little, but this encourages them to feel the strength and companionship of an invisible friend when they are older.

Settle Indigo Essence

Many children who are bullied find it difficult to relax and be calm. This combination helps them to do that, so that they feel and appear less shaky. Bullies often go for children who appear weak. This and the other Indigo remedies  can help the child feel good on the inside and so present a different image to the bully.

Shine Indigo Essence

Some children deal with bullying by trying to melt into the background so that no one will notice them. They may appear cut off from their feelings. This can lead to unhappiness and school work suffering. This remedy can help a child who has chosen this strategy to live confidently to his or her potential.

If none of these seems quite right for your child, don’t worry; just check out all the different Indigo Remedies and see which one or ones would be best.

And what about mums and dads?  Knowing your child is being bullied can be hard on you emotionally too. Although the Indigo essences are aimed at children, many adults find them beneficial too, so read more about them and pick the one or ones that are suitable for yourself.

You might also want to try Bach Flower Rescue Remedy or Australian Emergency Bush Essence. They help adults (and children) deal with stress and anxiety. (Just do a search online and you’ll find lots of information about them.

All the remedies are easy to take. You simply put a few drops in a glass of water and sip it through the day. The idea of remedies made in this way helping may seem preposterous, but just give it a go.

Can posture help children who are being bullied?

A study by psychologists from Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg and the Otto Friedrich University of Bamberg found that a dominant body posture may help children to feel more confident in school. The study was recently published in the journal “School Psychology International” and provides initial evidence that simple poses can help students feel better at school. Körner, the lead researcher said:

“Power posing is the nonverbal expression of power. It involves making very bold gestures and changes in body posture. Up to now, most of the research has revolved around studying the effects on adults. Children from the age of five are able to recognize and interpret the body posture of others.”

The researchers conducted their experiment with 108 fourth graders. One group was to assume two open and expansive postures for one minute each. The other group posed with their arms folded in front of them and their heads down. The children then completed a series of psychological tests. The children who had previously assumed an open posture indicated better mood and reported higher self-esteem than the children in the other group. The effects were particularly striking when it came to questions concerning school. Körner said:

“Here, power posing had the strongest effect on the children’s self-esteem. Teachers could try and see whether this method helps their students.”

However, Körner states that the results of the new study should not be blown out of proportion and that expectations about this technique should be tempered. The effects observed were only short-term. Serious problems or mental illness must be treated by trained professionals.

All the suggestions here can help in the early stages of your child experiencing problems. They may even help alongside professional help, where the problems are more serious.