The Environment


Do we need to be concerned about chemical pollution?

Many people are worried about the level of chemical pollution in the modern world. So should we really be concerned? Are these chemicals polluting the environment and compromising our safety? Sources Of Chemical Contamination In The Environment In food in the form of colourings, flavour enhancers, pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones, antibiotics, industrial solvents, etc. In the water supply in the form of run off from farming, industry and recycled drugs such as the contraceptive pill. Direct consumption of both medical and recreational drugs. Personal care products; these can be skin, eye or mucus membrane irritants. If the molecular size is small enough to go through the skin, these products can enter the blood stream and cause problems internally. We just do not know the long-term effect of these combination of chemicals in skin care products. Household cleaning and construction products. Modern furniture and furnishings makes extensive use of man-made chemicals particularly plastics and glues. In the air from cars, planes, industry, cigarette smoke, etc. Diesel exhaust contains more than 40 chemicals listed as toxic air …

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