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Supporting Alternative Healthcare: Know What It Is and How to Incorporate It into Your Life

When popping pills no longer work or that you feel like standard care has become insufficient, you should give alternative medicine a try. Whether used alone or as complementary care, there are certain benefits you’ll gain, including a resolution to your health problems. But you should familiarize yourself before you start this kind of treatment. What is alternative healthcare? When we think of alternative healthcare, images of acupuncture and meditation come up. Well, you’re not exactly far off. Alternative medicine is majorly important to the overall health of a person. If the mind is not right, then the body is not right. It’s great because it tends to focus on the whole body and not just treating a symptom as traditional medicine does. Everyone should incorporate alternative healing into their lives. Why should you consider alternative healthcare? This is a great question. Another great question is, why not? Alternative healthcare has been around for thousands of years, from Chinese herbal medicine to Kinesiology. It has been supporting and healing the human race since our inception. …

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What to do when your child is being bullied at school

Bullying is distressing both for your child and for you. If you know your child is being bullied at school, you need to stay calm and work out a strategy to help them. This can feel overwhelmingly difficult, but the Indigo Essences may be able to help your child and you. Indigo Essences are made in Ireland from the energy of crystals. A rock is placed in water for a period of time, usually 24 hours. The rock is then taken out of the water and the remaining liquid is preserved with an equal quantity of brandy. Sounds bizarre? Yes, my rational mind thinks it is too, but I know that flower essences and combination essences like these can work well to help all sorts of problems. There are different combination remedies for different problems – for the child who has difficulty sleeping, or is a loner, but there are 4 combinations that are particularly suitable for bullying whether in or out of school: Champion Indigo Essence This is the first and most obvious choice …

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Geopathic stress addiction

Geopathic stress (GS) occurs when the earth’s energy field is disturbed. People who live or work above such a disturbance are likely to have difficulty getting well or staying well. They may have tried all sorts of different treatments, but their symptoms stubbornly refuse to go away. Often these people sleep badly and always feel tired. They are frequently labelled as hypochondriacs even though they know their symptoms are real. (See my book on Geopathic Stress for more information on this.) For a small minority not only are they suffering from geopathic stress, but they also appear to be addicted to geopathic stress, or at least to a certain level of GS. Often their favourite chair will be over the worst point in the house. If they move to a new house, they may choose one with virtually identical problems. With these people their symptoms have not got worse or suddenly appeared since moving to their present home; they were also exposed to the same factors before, and, in all probability, their health has continually …

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What Is Kinesiology?

What can kinesiology do for me? Let me first tell you how to pronounce it – it’s: kin-easy-ology, although a few people pronounce it kine-easy-ology. There are many different branches of kinesiology, but they all use the same basic tool – muscle testing. Muscle testing is a painless procedure involving the practitioner applying gentle pressure to specific parts of the body (often arms and legs) to test the response of the underlying muscle. The particular part of the body involved is placed in a specific position, in order, as far as possible, to isolate the muscle that is being tested. The muscle will either easily be able to resist the pressure from the practitioner or will give way, at least slightly. The kinesiologist uses this response to access information about what is happening and what is needed. There is a field of science called kinesiology which is concerned with understanding the working of joints and muscles, but the type of kinesiology I’m talking about here is a therapeutic system that was developed by an American …

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The importance of scars

Many people worry about scars from a cosmetic point of view, because they feel that they are unsightly, but they can also have a direct and dramatic impact on health, because they can interfere with the subtle energy flow in the body.   Chinese acupuncture and many western complementary therapies use the idea of meridians, non-physical channels that carry the life force or subtle energy of the body. Trained practitioners can feel a slight ‘resistance’ at various places on the skin – these are the acupuncture points that an acupuncturist puts needles into. The correct flow of this acupuncture energy is vital to our health and well-being, and scars can interfere with this.   Scars can affect the meridian energy flow if they cross a meridian. Obviously the larger the scar the more likely it is to run across a meridian, but even a small scar can have an effect if it runs across a meridian, particularly if it crosses an acupuncture point. The scars can be as a result of an accident or operation, …

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